Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide ("FSG") is an important document designed to assist you in deciding whether to invest in any of the funds by Hummingbird Ventures LP

Information about us

We are Hummingbird Ventures LP is an investment management group based in Singapore and Australia. We do not act as a representative of any other licensee in relation to the services provided.

Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Before you can invest in one of our funds, we are required to provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and Information Memorandum (IM). The PDS and IM contains important information regarding the features, benefits, risks and fees applicable to an investment in that fund and should be read carefully to enable you to make an informed investment decision. Venture capital funds to not behave like other investment vehicles and so understanding these documents are of the utmost importance.

Statement of Advice (SOA)

A Statement of Advice (SOA) will normally be given to you when you are provided with any personal advice, which takes into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. We do not provide personal advice. Therefore, we will not provide you with an SOA. An intermediary (such as a financial planner, stockbroker or dealer group) may provide you with an SOA.

Record keeping

We seek to ensure that comprehensive and accurate records of all transactions and investments undertaken, and documentation executed, are properly maintained.

Remuneration or other benefits received by us

Remuneration is received by us in relation to your investment in any of the funds. This remuneration may include management fees (which may include transaction, ongoing and, if applicable, any borrowing costs) along with a share in carried interest which is based on the performance of the fund. We may also be entitled to recover expenses incurred on behalf of the fund.

We do not receive any fees, nor do we charge you additional fees, for providing advice. Financial advisers and intermediaries may also receive fees by you and typically, this will be disclosed in their SOA. No commission will be paid by us to financial advisors.

Remuneration or other benefits received by Hummingbird Ventures LP

Our employees who give you general advice do not receive specific payments or commissions for the giving of that advice. These employees and our directors receive salaries, bonuses and other benefits from us. Bonus payments and other benefits are discretionary, and based on achievement of predetermined objectives.

You may receive advice in relation to our funds from financial advisers that do not work for us. These advisers do not receive any commission from us. Your adviser is also required to set out the remuneration they receive in their FSG and SOA which they must give to you.

Various members of Hummingbird Ventures LP and their directors and employees use certain financial, information technology, human resource and other services to enable us to manage the fund. They will not be separately remunerated by you. The costs of providing these services will be paid by us from the fees we receive. Our investors will not pay a separate fee for these services.


Your right to privacy is important to us. A statement explaining your privacy rights and our rights and obligations in relation to your personal information is contained in our Privacy Policy.