Hummingbird Ventures LP.
Fund Manager and Structure
Fund manager is a company limited by shares which holds capital in trust.
Fund Description
Asset and investment management.
Fund Strategy
Long-short value-growth. Fama & French 5 factor.
Investment Return Objective
Target a 20% annual rate of return or greater. It may not be successful in meeting this objective and returns are not guaranteed.
Time Frame
Investments are made on a rolling basis.
Target Assets
To invest in a) listed equities, b) real estate and c) private equities
Dealing Cost
There are no establishment or contribution fees and no adviser service fees or trailing commissions. All securities or trading fees are absorbed within the performance fee.
Management Fees
There are no management fees.
Performance Fees
25% of the positive return calculated annually. If returns are negative at end of year, there is no performance fee paid.
Other Fees
There are no entry, exit, administration or annual fees.
Redemptions occur once per year on June 30. Investors may not withdraw capital at any other time. Capital may be committed at any time of the year.
Investor Type
Accredited, sophisticated or wholesale investors only.
Minimum Investment
A minimum investment amount of $100,000 USD applies.
Application Process

1. Reading the Financial Services Guide (FSG).

2. Completing a Contact Form.

3. Reading and Signing an Agreement.

4. Depositing Capital to a Trust Account.

We prepare an annual letter detailing the major decisions, lessons and positions held.