Hummingbird Ventures LP Venture Capital Fund

An Australian venture capital fund with an investment thesis to back internet companies with strong fundamentals and great potential in growing markets. To find the next big companies before they IPO.

Hummingbird Ventures LP Global and Domestic Shares Fund

An international and domestic trading fund with an investment thesis to value invest in technology growth stocks. To own pieces of and share in the growth of the greatest companies in history.

Hummingbird Ventures LP Property Finance Fund

A property development fund with an investment thesis to finance stable real estate development projects in gentrifying areas.

Hummingbird Ventures Services and Advisory

Consulting and assisting governments, corporations and entrepreneurs build and grow successful companies.

About Hummingbird

Hummingbird Ventures LP is a boutique investment management firm with three domestic and international investment portfolios.

Investors benefit from the unique blend of insights, focus and temperament offered by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, owners and analysts with decades of investing, business and technology experience.

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